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Historical Fiction / Church History / Hilda the Briton

Emma Leslie Junior Church History Series

Soldier Fritz
Hilda the Briton
Or, The Golden Age

The Story of a Roman Slave Girl

by Emma Leslie

Illustrated by Butterworth & Heath

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Story Synopsis

   When their tribe in Britain is conquered by the Romans, Bran and his young sister, Hilda, are taken to Rome and sold as slaves. Filled with anger, Bran grows to hate everyone except Hilda. Meanwhile, she hears stories of the Roman god, Saturn, and longs for the day when he will rule the world in a Golden Age where everyone will be happy and free. One day, an elderly slave takes Hilda to hear a prisoner named Paul and she learns of another God, a God who made the heavens and the earth and who loves slaves. What will it cost Hilda and Bran if they decide to follow this new God?

Story Setting:  Ancient Rome in 63 A.D.
Notable People:  Apostle Paul
Originally published in 1874; 145 pages; For Ages 8 - Adult

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   "When this book arrived I looked it over, and [my 4th grade daughter] snagged it immediately. She read it all in one day. :)"  ~  Laura L.

   "I enjoyed Hilda the Briton. It was refreshing to read about how the teachings of Jesus were so openly discussed without fear of repercussions or punishments. The story was a positive message about responsibility. whether you were a slave or a master. I also liked the definitions at the bottom of the pages of difficult words, unknown phrases, or unknown celebrations to help the young reader better comprehend the story. While Hilda the Briton by Emma Leslie was written for children, I believe that adults will enjoy it as well. "  ~  Homeschool father from Iowa

   "Hilda the Briton is a book that I would have no problem handing to my children. In fact [my daughter] was the one to read this book to her siblings. They loved it so much that [her] throat became sore because they didn't want her to stop reading. She and the boys were captivated with little Hilda and her life as a slave."  ~  Linda, mother of 6

   "The story was heartfelt and warming... It was great to learn more of the churches history through this fictional book because while fiction it was true to the facts. We hadn't read any fictional church books so this was a good first for us."  ~  Kayla

   "We could not get enough of this book and it was hard to put it down! It showed how God can work through even a young slave girl to change the hearts of many."  ~  C. T.

Emma Leslie (1837-1909), whose actual name was Emma Dixon, was a prolific Victorian children's author who wrote over 100 books. Emma Leslie brought a strong Christian emphasis into her writing and many of her books were originally published by the Religious Tract Society.

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