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Historical Fiction / Church History / Gytha's Message

Emma Leslie Church History Series

Gytha's Message
Gytha's Message
A Tale of Saxon England

by Emma Leslie

Illustrated by C. J. Staniland R.I.

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Story Synopsis

   Having discovered God’s love for her, Gytha, a young slave, longs to escape the violence and cruelty of the world and devote herself to learning more about this God of love. Instead she lives in a Saxon household that despises the name of Christ. Her simple faith and devoted service bring hope and purpose to those around her, especially during the dark days when England is defeated by William the Conqueror. Through all of her trials, can Gytha learn to trust that God often has greater work for us to do in the world than out of it?

Story Setting:  Saxon England in 1053 - 1066 A.D.
Notable People and Events:  William the Conqueror, Norman Conquest of England
Originally published in 1885; 222 pages; For Ages 10 – Adult

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   "The descriptions in Gytha’s Message are wonderfully visual, helping the reader feel a part of Gytha's Saxon English home. The historical context of the story is very believable as are the characters, which range from the young to the old, the poor to the rich, and the weak to the strong.... Gytha is a very lovable character and her attitude and morals are inspiring. I highly recommend Gytha's Message to students who enjoy historical fiction."  ~  Brianna Tibbetts, Home School Enrichment Magazine  

   "...an excellent book!"  ~  Heather, mother of five

   "Rich language and artful writing make this book a joy to read.... The time period covered in this book was a perfect match up for our current history studies making the book all the more enjoyable."  ~  Tara from Indiana

   "All in all, Gytha’s Message is an excellent piece of children’s historical fiction with strong moral themes, including faith through hardship and the bonds of family."  ~  Kathy Gelzer, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine  

Emma Leslie (1837-1909), whose actual name was Emma Dixon, was a prolific Victorian children’s author who wrote over 100 books. Emma Leslie brought a strong Christian emphasis into her writing and many of her books were originally published by the Religious Tract Society.

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