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Historical Fiction / Church History / Dearer Than Life

Emma Leslie Church History Series

Dearer Than Life
Dearer Than Life
A Story of the Times of Wycliffe

by Emma Leslie

Illustrated by Edward Whymper

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Story Synopsis

   Arriving home from a meeting of Parliament in London, Sir Hugh Middleton is shocked to learn that a neighboring monastery has laid claim to one of his fields. Sir Hugh steadfastly refuses to yield his property, and further offends the monastery by sending his younger son, Stephen, to study under Dr. John Wycliffe. At the same time, Sir Hugh sends his elder son, Harry, to serve as an attendant to the powerful Duke of Lancaster. As Wycliffe seeks to share the Word of God with the common people, Stephen and Harry and their sisters help spread the truth, but what will it cost them in the dangerous day in which they live?

Story Setting:  England in 1366 - 1384 A.D.
Notable People and Events:  Wycliffe, Richard II, English Translation of the Bible
Originally published in 1885; 255 pages; For Ages 12 – Adult

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   "My thirteen year old daughter is currently reading Dearer Than Life (and loving it!) - and she is very much appreciating the definitions.... After reading Dearer Than Life and The Captives, I feel as though Emma Leslie is now a dear friend! I honestly could not put these books - or the [e-books] down."  ~  D.A.

   "I was immediately drawn into this riveting tale... As I read, the first thing I noticed about this book is its rich, beautiful language. One doesn't find a lot of this good writing among many of todays novels and historical writings. As a theater major in college I fell in love with the rich 'Shakespearean English' I encountered in plays."  ~  Lisa, mom of four

   "Wonderful story! The kids and I really enjoyed learning about the life of Dr. Wycliffe and the reality of life under a church that ruled all aspects of life. It gave us such a wonderful understanding of what Dr. Wycliffe and his 'poor priests' endured as they tried to spread the truth of God's word to a people who only understoond the church to be the final authority on all matters. It was certainly a time of revival."  ~  Tina, Washington

Emma Leslie (1837-1909), whose actual name was Emma Dixon, was a prolific Victorian children’s author who wrote over 100 books. Emma Leslie brought a strong Christian emphasis into her writing and many of her books were originally published by the Religious Tract Society.

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