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Younger Readers / Mary Jane - Her Visit

Mary Jane - Her Visit
Mary Jane - Her Visit

by Clara Ingram Judson

Illustrated by
Frances White

Read the First Chapter!
(Requires Adobe Reader)

Story Synopsis
   In this story, the second book in the Mary Jane series, five-year-old Mary Jane has more happy wholesome adventures, this time at her great-grandparents' farm in the country where she hunts for eggs, picks berries, finds baby rabbits, goes to the circus and more!

Originally published in 1918; 190 pages; For Ages 6 10

Clara Ingram Judson (1879-1960), was a popular American childrens' author who wrote over seventy books.

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   "My girls asked to hear Mary Jane every night... Mary Jane is definitely a wonderful addition to our homeschool." ~ Monica W., mom from Ohio

   "I was a bit concerned that only my younger girls would enjoy this story. However, as I read aloud each day, my 10 and 11 year old girls were asking for just 2 more chapters each time I would finish one. It was a delight to read and I can see my 7 year old soon grabbing it to read on her own." ~ Sharon, mom of six in NC

   "My son and daughter enjoyed Mary Jane - Her Visit for totally different reasons. My son liked the parts about visiting the farm and my daughter liked the story." ~ Martha S., St. Louis, Missouri

   "...a delightful tale about a young girl that goes to visit her grandparents on their farm. She has some wonderful adventures and enjoys helping out with the farm chores... This is definitely a must read for little girls..." ~ Christina A.

   "I thought this book was a very sweet story...my kids enjoyed listening to it. I think I would love to live on a farm!" ~ Melanie, mom to 4

   "My 3.5 yr old daughter loved this book because it was about a little girl who does a lot of things she does (plays with dolls, gathers eggs, helps cook) and things she wants to start doing (sewing, going to Grandma's house by herself). I liked it because it showed her a little girl who was polite and quiet in speech and who was eager and pleased to do things for her family. While those things are definitely counter-culture in this day and age of liberal feminism, they are priorities in our biblically minded family. Mary Jane - Her Visit has already gone thru several re-readings in our house." ~ Suzette, Texas

   "My daughter, who is 6, and I enjoyed reading about Mary Jane every evening before bed. I received this as an e-book, and would just cuddle up on the bed with the laptop on my lap, and read until my daughter fell asleep. It is such a precious story, so innocent and full of life." ~ Jenni R.

   "...a very sweet story... My daughters were captivated by the story, and they kept asking me to read more. It is a wonderful book for elementary aged children..." ~ Erin, mom to two girls

   "I am enjoying this story because it dignifies the values I want my children to learn of contributing to the welfare of the family by working together (Chapter 10 Learning to Cook), working to earn what you want (Chapter 13 Earning Money), and being considerate to others (Chapter 5 Gardening with Grandfather)." ~ Scarlett

   "This is a darling story of a little girl..." ~ Margaret D., mother from Texas

   "My girls identified with this story the most and we had great discussions about life on a farm." ~ Jacquelin, VA

   "Mary Jane - Her Visit is such a sweet story and a wonderful read aloud book." ~ Lorie, Because of our children blog

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