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Historical Fiction / World History / Marie's Home

Marie's Home
Marie's Home
Or, A Glimpse of the Past

by Caroline Austin

Illustrated by Gordon Browne R.I.

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(Requires Adobe Reader)

Story Synopsis
    Eleven-year-old Marie Hamilton and her family travel to France at the invitation of Louis XVI, just before the start of the French Revolution. There they encounter the tremendous disparity between the proud French Nobility and the oppressed and starving French people. When an enraged mob storms the palace of Versailles, Marie and her family are rescued from grave danger by a strange twist of events, but Marie’s story of courage, self-sacrifice and true nobility is not yet over! Honor, duty, compassion and forgiveness are all portrayed in this uplifting story.

Story Setting:  The French Revolution in 1789 - 1793
Originally published in 1885; 197 pages; For Ages 10 – Adult

Caroline Austin, whose actual name was Mrs. Whitway, was an English author who wrote several books for children in the late 1800's.

   "I like this book because there were very few dull moments... It showed all different sides of the story, the French Nobles, King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, and last but not least, the peasants.... All in all it was a great book, and I really enjoyed it." ~ 12-year-old homeschooler from Texas  

   "Marie and her family exemplify Christian faith and values. Though they are members of the upper class, they step out of their comfortable surroundings to help those in need. And when they face danger, hardship, and disappointment, their faith in God gives them hope." ~ Kathy Gelzer, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine  Read the full review

   "This is a lovely walk through the life of a young lady in 1793... I found this a very easy read. It was engaging and interesting." ~ H.L., West Virginia  

   "Oh, what an example is set by this small girl for Believers to trust in God and His Word! Marie is the perfect 'modern day' model of faith for us. Marie's Home is a story of an 11-year-old girl's courage in times of hardship, faith in times of suffering, hope in times of despair, and love throughout it all." ~ Rachel, Age 15  

   "Marie's Home... combines adventure with history to teach lessons in honor, duty, compassion, and forgiveness...Follow along with Marie and learn from her wonderful example as read of her adventures in Marie's Home." ~ Lori Deese, Home School Enrichment Magazine  

   "My 13 year old daughter and I read [Marie's Home]... Both of us enjoyed this book and loved the story." ~ Michelle P., homeschool mom in the Philippines"  

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