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Historical Fiction / World History / A Sea-Queen's Sailing

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Marie's Home
A Sea-Queen's Sailing

by Charles W. Whistler

Illustrated by W.H.C. Groome

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Story Synopsis
    Early one summer morning in 935 A.D., Malcolm the Jarl’s home in northern Scotland is attacked by Viking raiders led by Heidrek the Seafarer. Struck down during the brief battle that follows, Malcolm is taken captive and imprisoned on what was once his own ship. Refusing to join the murderous Vikings, he manages to escape with two of the other prisoners, only to end up lost at sea. Through a strange series of events, the three young men come upon the young queen, Gerda, who is alone and desperately in need of help. Together, the three friends, Scottish jarl, Irish prince and English thane, pledge themselves to protect Gerda and seek to restore her kingdom which has been usurped by her evil cousin Arnkel. But first they must escape from Heidrek who is pursuing them across the northern seas. Adventure and danger abound in this exciting tale of brave manly men fighting to uphold the honor of a woman.

Story Setting:  Scotland, Ireland and Norway in 935 A.D.
Originally published in 1906; 310 pages; For Ages 12 – Adult

   "The adventures found in A Sea Queen's Sailing had me holding my breath with excitement on more than one occasion! It was so refreshing for me to read of truly courageous men willing to pledge their strength and resources in the defense of a brave, yet unprotected queen." ~ Christiana Mills

Charles W. Whistler (1856-1913) was an Anglican priest, a medical doctor, and an author who wrote a number of books set in medieval England.

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